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Commercial Heat Pumps: Their Benefits and How They Work

Most of us are familiar with many commercial HVAC equipment for heating and cooling, such as gas furnaces, boilers, electric baseboard heat, and split system air conditioners. But some might not think of heat pumps as an option for commercial establishments. Heat pumps do not work the same as other heating and cooling systems and offer a whole other set of benefits, as you shall find out here.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps operate the refrigeration cycle similar to most air conditioning systems. What makes it different is the configuration on the refrigerant loop that makes the refrigerant cycle go both ways.

In systems using the refrigeration cycle, heat is transferred by circulating the refrigerant through a cycle involving evaporation and condensation, while a compressor is pumping the refrigerant between a pair of heat exchanger coils. In one of these coils, the refrigerant evaporates at low pressure to absorb heat from its surroundings. The compressor would then compress the refrigerant as it makes its way to the other coil where it will condense at high pressure, releasing the heat it absorbed earlier.

Air conditioners and refrigerators both use this system, but operates in cooling mode only. The evaporator coil is located inside the refrigerator box or indoors for an AC unit, where it absorbs heat, and then transfers the heat outside where the condenser coil is located. A heat pump, on the other hand, operates on a fully reversible system. When the weather is warm, a heat pump will absorb the heat from the air indoors and moves it outdoors to cool the indoor space. In cooler weather, it would then provide heat to an indoor space by removing heat from the outdoor air to move indoors.

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