earthquake damage

4 Ways to Prepare Your House and Family for an Earthquake

An earthquake can happen anytime. It causes minimal to severe damage to structures, nature, and human lives. After the shaking and tremors, there is also the aftershock, which is another set of trembles.

Earthquakes can also cause fire, landslides, avalanches, and tsunamis, among others. Preparing yourself, your family, and your home is best for your safety.

Reinforcing Your House

Check to see which part of the home needs reinforcing. Adding steel plates and bolts to your next home foundation repair may be the next best thing you should do. Just consult one of the reliable foundation companies in Denver.

Also, another way to strengthen your home is by adding braces for walls, chimneys, and other masonry. Look out for hanging items that may fall. Check overhead cabinets and shelvings for delicately placed items.

It may be better to place locks and latches on cabinet doors and add anchors and ledge barriers on shelvings, bookcases, and other items that may fall during an episode of an earthquake. Identify safe and sturdy places in your homes where you and your family can run to for safety from falling objects and structural damage.

The Family’s Safety

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