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Our team

Darcy Kensington

Darcy is a retired architect. She spends her time writing an advice column on her local paper, giving advice on home renovation. Back when she was working, she liked to build homes with a traditional, older theme and prefers these over modern, minimalist designs.

She’s worked with plenty of contractors in her area and can give trustworthy advice for people considering quality and price. If you want to get reliable advice on hiring the right contractor, Darcy can explain a thing or two, among other trade secrets.

Clarence Rink

Clarence runs one of the leading residential and commercial landscaping companies in his city. While he now handles the business side and has teams handling the operations, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty when they need an extra pair of hands. Whether it’s outdoor improvement, landscaping, or even installing a pool, Clarence knows how to combine aesthetics with practicality.

Clarence is also good at naming plants and recommending the best type for his customers’ needs. If you live in an area with hot or cold climate or are considering getting a rare or sensitive plant in your garden, Clarence is the man to ask.

Kinna Bates

Kinna is only 29-years old but has already won multiple awards in the interior design industry. She’s also the author and co-author of several books on interior design, helping students understand how to achieve that perfect balance of aesthetic and practical design.

She has a reputation for turning drab living spaces into breathtaking rooms that perk up a person’s mood the moment they step inside. She knows there is beauty and simplicity and is not the type of person to add 10 pillows on a couch just for the aesthetic. 

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